Dignitas is the title of the Slovenian journal specialized in the area of domestic constitutional and international law of human rights. It is published by the The Graduate School of Government and European Studies at Brdo pri Kranju (Slovenia) in collaboration with the European Faculty of Law at Nova Gorica (Slovenia). The journal is published under the auspices of the Slovenian section of the International Commission of Jurists and the Slovenian Comparative Constitutional Law Association. First issue of the journal was published in 1999 and the most recent issue in December 2009. In addition to over 20 regular issues published over the past ten years, a number of special thematic issues was published.


No. 57-58, Vol. 2013



p. 3

Skromna izbira Evropske Slovenije

Peter Jambrekp. 6

Pravo človekovih pravic

Human 'dignity' in the constitutional review of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Ernest Petričp. 12abstract

Experience of the European Court of Human Rights in combating judicial delays

Maja Smrkoljp. 28abstract

Freedom of artistic expression in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights

Gregor Mežekp. 45abstract

David Dolinar, The right to privacy in mobile telephony

David Dolinarp. 70abstract

DeloThe work of centres for social work in protecting the rights of the child

Senijad Čatićp. 98abstract

The prohibition on hate speech in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

Jernej Letnar Černičp. 128abstract


Global governance and management

Damjan Črnčecp. 146abstract

The role of political parties in a constitutional democracy

Bojan Simeonovp. 167abstract

Doctrine of the prohibition of referenda in Slovenian constitutional jurisprudence

Anže Kogovšekp. 183abstract

The Animal Question: Between the Suffering and Status of Non-human Animals

Vojko Strahovnikp. 206abstract

The uncertain future of the Slovenian exception

Igor Guardiancichp. 228abstract

Residential real estate investments from the perspective of the Act on Social Security Benefits

David Bogataj, Boštjan Averp. 252abstract

Predstavitev knjig in recenzij

Tadej Pirc (ur.), Podobe solidarnosti, Gornja Radgona: A priori (zbirka Khoros), 2012, 172 str.

Vojko Strahovnikp. 277

Rok Čeferin, Meje svobode tiska GV založba, Ljubljana, 2013

Jernje Letnar Černičp. 285

Allan Rosas (ur.), Sodišče EU – 60 let kasneje (The Court of Justice and the Construction of Europe: Analyses and Perspectives on Sixty Years of Case-law), Asser Press, Springer 2013

Matej Avbeljp. 287